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 Bookclub: Generally 2nd and 4th Friday of every month.
 Date and Time: Please click here for current information.
 Location: 33725 Station St Solon, OH 44139
Age Groups as follows:
 Children: < 10 years old
  • Sr.Asfia
 Juvenile:10 to 14 years old
  • Sr.Saima : 610-750-3324 (Text or Call)
  • Sr.Zehra
 Young Adult: 15+ years old
  • Sr.Rummana: 484-356-3166 (Text or Call)

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 Latest News

Our Masjid has walls up over 20 feet, and on to second level. Steel beams going up soon. Roof is not too far away, InshaAllah. See pictures below.

  • RAMADAN: 2020 Ramadan is not too far away. We are beginning preparations. Haafiz selection, Taraweeh at Signature of Solon, Iftars at Signature of Solon are all in the works.
  • EID Prayers: 2020 Shall be our 5th year with both Eid prayers being held in Solon. InshaAllah 2021, we should be in our own masjid.
  • First Ramadan is on Apr 24th 2020
  • First Taraweeh is on Apr 23th 2020
  • Eid is on May 24th

We had a wonderful opportunity in our community to engage ourselves in a lasting relationship with our Jewish community member through interfaith dialogue and activity.

The word "interfaith" describes an interaction between people of different religions or faith traditions. But it is more than that. It is about understanding our significant differences, but also recognizing our similarities, and working together for peace, justice and healing in our world. Interfaith friendships reach out across the stereotypes and misunderstandings that lead to religiously-motivated violence. They reinforce the idea that, regardless of religion or belief tradition, every human deserves respect.

Islam recognizes a plurality of religions and asks Muslims to respect other religions. The primary role of interfaith dialogue is to remove misunderstanding and accept difference, the aim being to generate a climate of peaceful coexistence and harmonious social relations. Muslim engagement with members of other faiths, particularly Christianity and Judaism, has, bolstered by the Qur’an, always been an important component of the Islamic encounter with the Other.

Address: 6911 Liberty Rd, Solon OH 44139
  • Masjid Walls Construction started:

  • Site Work near completion, sewer & water lines being drawn:

  • Building foundation, footers, anchors are in place:

  • Drive way:

We at Chagrin Valley Islamic Center (CVIC), Solon, would really appreciate your company at

Venue: Signature of Solon Clubhouse -39000 Signature Drive, Solon, OH 44139.

Date/time: Sunday, October 13th, at 6:15 pm.

We plan to present all our City Council candidates to our community's Solon residents, to help fulfill our civic duty as informed voters.
We would like to have you speak for a few minutes. We are not going for a town hall format this time around, so questions from the audience are not planned.
You are welcome to take questions if you so please.
CVIC is a 401 3 (c) non-profit, and plans to give equal time to all candidates and does not endorse any particular candidate or party.
Thank you for the consideration,

Please call Masroor Malik at 440-725-0957 or email at to confirm.
On behalf of Chagrin Valley Islamic Center

Syed P Ashraf

Eid Prayer is on August 11th, at 9:00 am - Signature of Solon Bouncy House and Gaming Center; Heavy Snacks We need more people to sign up please

Assalamu Alaikum Everyone,

Eid-ul-Adha will be celebrated on Sunday August 11, 2019, iA.

The Eid Salat will be held at 9:00 am at Signature of Solon -39000 Signature Drive, Solon, OH 44139.

Heavy snacks and tea/coffee will be provided in social area after the prayers.

If you like to sign up for bringing something for snacks, please go to the link below.
Sign up sheet

Please try to arrive half hour early so the prayers can be started on time.

The shoes should be neatly aligned with the prayer rooms, please.

Immediately following the Prayers, the Bouncy House and Gaming Center are set-up outside the club house for children and youths to enjoy. This will be fun activity for the whole family to enjoy.

The takbeer for Eid, you may print your own copy if you wish. It is recommended to recite this on your way to the Eid prayers.

Thanks for your support of our Mosque - CVIC Fundraiser Update
To our beloved CVIC Community and our guests.
We all had the pleasure of having many of you at the Annual Fundraiser Iftar yesterday, May 17th, 2019, and we are truly both overjoyed and humbled by the response from our community. For this we thank you for your efforts and your support, and pray for your ajar from Allah Subhana wa ta'aala in this world and in the hereafter.

CVIC was honored to host 460 guests and about 50 children at our temporary home at Signature of Solon Clubhouse. We of course are aspiring to build our permanent facility InshaAllah on Liberty Road in Solon. Every year, Alhamdolillah, we have grown at our events, as we have at our regular Iftars, taraweeh, halaqa, and other events. And of course we have our Eid Prayers and Celebration coming up soon.

We do continue to have sponsored Iftar every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday during Ramadan. So do join us and stay with us at taraweeh. On Friday night, May 31, 2019, we are scheduled to have our Lailatul Qadr event, and Khatamul Quran. Eid celebrations will be on June 4th at Signature of Solon.

CVIC masjid project is on track and moving from site work to foundation as we go through Ramadan/ We expect the building structure to come up by September, InshaAllah. As we are already done with all our designing, planning, regulatory approvals, contracting, value engineering, etc, the only issue that limits the progress of this work of Allah is funding.

We continue to appeal for your support in your dua's and in your financial pledges.

Click here for the security measures tips

Chagrin Valley Islamic Center strongly condemns the heinous attacks on Christian worshipers celebrating Easter Sunday and others in Sri Lanka. For this to happen in a house of Worship is especially appalling. An attack on one house of worship is an attack on all houses of worship. We have seen too many instances of vicious attacks in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and other houses of worship, and it is time to say, “No More!”. We call for absolute justice in prosecuting these terrorist and criminals. May God heal those injured, comfort the loved ones of those killed, and bring those responsible for this crime to justice. We stand with our fellow citizens of all faiths in condemning such acts of violence. We join people around the world in saying, Pray for Sri Lanka

Chagrin Valley Islamic Center (CVIC) strongly condemns the violent criminal act and a hate crime, perpetrated on house of worships in Christchurch, New Zealand singled out for their religious beliefs. We stand with our brothers and sisters in this hour of grief, and call upon law enforcement in New Zealand to bring the perpetrators to justice using the full force of the law.

Our condolences to the bereaved families and friends. We make Dua (prayers) that God grant the one who passed away highest place in paradise and ease the pain & suffering of the loved ones

CVIC Book Club
Bookclub: Generally 2nd and 4th Friday of every month.
Date and Time: Please click here for current information.
Location: 33725 Station St Solon, OH 44139
Age Groups as follows:
Children: < 10 years old
  • Sr.Asfia :
Juvenile:10 to 14 years old
  • Sr.Saima : 610-750-3324 (Text or Call)
  • Sr.Zehra : 440-591-9823 (Text or Call)
Young Adult: 15+ years old
  • Sr.Rummana: 484-356-3166 (Text or Call)


Site clearing at liberty road to build masjid in solon:

Save the date for CVIC fundraiser on Friday June 1st 2018

We would like to announce that CVIC Fundraiser will be held In Shaa Allah during the month of Ramadan on Friday June 1st 2018 at Signature Solon Please lock today this Date and spread the word to your family, friends and relatives to attend and actively participate in this blessed event.. May Allah bestow his grace and grant us his highest paradise Once the program is finalized we will share it with you All In Shaa Allah. JZAK

The Chagrin Valley Islamic Center (CVIC) strongly condemns the violent criminal act, and presumably a hate crime, perpetrated on The Tree of Life Synagogue community, seemingly singled out for their religious beliefs. We stand with our Jewish bretheren in this hour of grief, and call upon local state and federal law enforcement to bring the perpetrators to justice using the full force of the law.
Our condolences to the bereaved families and friends.

Chagrin Valley Islamic Center (CVIC) condemns the recent mass killings in New York and Texas. These acts of violence are abhorrent and are condemned in strongest possible manner and must be stopped. We pray for the ones killed in these senseless attacks and for their loved ones; and for the speedy recovery of the wounded.

Chagrin Vally Islamic Center gets approval to build mosque in Solon. A permanent home is now a reality for the Muslim Community in Solon and beyond...
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Solon council approves plans for Chagrin Valley Islamic Center, Mosque on Liberty Road... Read More

Chagrin Valley Islamic Center prayer session. Members of the Chagrin Valley Islamic Center are planning to build a mosque on Liberty Road in Solon. Until plans are finalized, the group will continue to observe weekly Friday prayer sessions in rented space at Signature of Solon...
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The Chagrin Valley Islamic Center will remain in a commercial building on Station Street for another year, after meeting requirements city council set last year...
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 Friday Prayer

 Friday Prayer at Signature of Solon

 Friday Prayer Khutba Time :1:30 PM

 Friday Prayer Prayer Time : 2:00 PM


Please contact Dr. Sayyed Ishrat Ali Zaidi (440-991-7325), or any of the volunteers listed in the PDF document below in case he is unavailable. The volunteers will be able to assist you in whichever way possible. The document has detailed Muslim funeral Information.

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