Baitul Maal of Greater Cleveland

Baitul Maal of Greater Cleveland (BMGC, supported by four masjids, CVIC, MACE, Uqbah and CMCC) has purchased a separate lot specifically for Muslim burial in Crown Hill Cemetery (direction)

This is a well--‐maintained cemetery located in Twinsburg, OH that allows to burry Muslims as per complete sharia (Islamic rules) i.e. body directly on the ground without a cement vault or casket, face towards Kaaba, no requirement of embalming of dead body etc.

It has lower negotiated rates that do not double on weekends/holidays, which is the case with other cemeteries.

Please contact Dr. Sayyed Ishrat Ali Zaidi (440-991-7325), or any of the volunteers listed in the PDF document below in case he is unavailable. The volunteers will be able to assist you in whichever way possible. The document has detailed Muslim funeral Information.

Click here download pdf document test.pdf